Hello! I’m Amelie (she/her)

I’m an English Creative Coder based in Toronto, Canada.

My journey with code began in 2004 when I taught myself how to draw in Flash using ActionScript 2. Ever since that moment my love and passion for generative art has taken me on a journey exploring and investigating the possibilities of code based art.

Upon graduating with a First class honors in Digital Media Design at Brighton University, England, I’ve been fortunate to work at some of the most established agencies in the field such as Hi-ReS!, Stink Studios and Jam3, where I currently work as a Senior Creative Developer.

I primarily work as a lead on XR creative-driven experiences using WebGL and Unity3D. Over the span of my 11+ year career I’ve met and worked alongside some very talented people picking up some highly coveted awards along the way, in particular for projects East of the Rockies and Oculus Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

I actively seek to encourage and inspire others either through public talks, online presentations and podcasts. In March 2021 I co-founded DiverseNftArt, a collective that supports and nurtures diversity and inclusivity in the NFT art space.

WebGL Showreel 2022

Talks & Presentations

27/01/22 Creative Coding Meetup Toronto
NFTs and Generative Art

04/08/21 Global Digital Futures interviews DiverseNftArt
NFTs & Digital Art Production

22/06/21 Toronto Public Library live stream
Queer Tech: Pride Month Panel Discussion

11/06/21 Decentraland Pride Day Panel live stream
Spotlighting NFT Artists and Creators from the LGBTQIA+ Community

11/06/20 Jam3 x The Microsoft Garage live stream
The Creative Development of FWA 100

12/19 Tech + Art podcast interview
Creative Development insights

23/10/19 Creative Coding Meetup Toronto
WebGL workflows for creativity and performance

30/04/19 FITC Toronto
East of the Rockies: Developing an AR Game

15/06/16 3DWebFest San Francisco
Live performance of VOID II by Hi-ReS!

28/01/16 Awwwards conference Amsterdam
Hi-ReS! Let’s make the Internet great again!