WebGL on Canvas 2021

Playful art exploring 3.1415926535.

Ray Tracing is considered the holy grail of computer graphics. With the recent advancements of computer hardware realistic path tracing can now be achieved to simulate realistic looking imagery. I started to explore ray tracing in December 2020 using Peter Shirley’s excellent starter Raytracing in One Weekend.

I’ll admit it took me more than one weekend to complete the book, but by the end I built an interactive ray tracer in WebGL using threejs.

Throughout the year of 2021 I started to add more features to the ray tracer and the ability to export images from it. I started to create little scenes using spheres, playing around with material types, layout distribution and composition.

I found so mich joy in making these artworks that I decided to release them as NFTs on Hicetnunc. I will continue to evolve my path tracer along with releasing more editions of PI throughout time.